Monday, May 07, 2012

Across the Pond - Elections

Supporters of Francois Hollande at the Rue de Solferino Socialist Party headquarters, in Paris
French voters celebrate François Hollande's victory. (Photo credit:
Very busy weekend for our European friends;
Several key elections that reflect disturbing trends.
President's now Socialist.  The first since Mitterrand.

Greece has also voted and they're facing quite a mess.
Parliament's divided so there's no chance of success
Implementing anything.  They'll have to try and make
Allies out of enemies... Won't be a piece of cake.

Putin's Russia's President - again.  He took the oath.
Germany and England held elections where they both
Saw that parties now in charge are losing their support.
E.U. is in trouble, I am sorry to report.

British do not like the cuts their government has made.
Merkel's in hot water for extending German aid.
Seems that Europe isn't thrilled with being so austere.
Worried 'cause what happens there effects what happens here.

Markets will not like this news, I bet... You wait and see.
They believe that those across the pond want lunch for free.
Can't blame hungry Europeans voting for a break;
But I'm still afraid they've made a terrible mistake.


  1. I nice (and rhyming!) wrap of the news. Certainly seems to be a good season for elections and electoral change. What is that Chinese curse? "May you live in interesting times"?

  2. I = A. Editing's not a strong point.

    1. Chinese sure know how to curse a person thoroughly.
      Interesting times like these I'd hoped to never see.
      Still, it gives me things to rhyme about. I mustn't whine
      And, as for your editing, dear sir - you should see mine.