Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Race for the White House - Romney and The Donald

(Photo credit: CBS News)
Texas helped Mitt Romney cross his "T"s and dot his "I"s;
Locked the nomination up - which isn't a surprise.
Reached the magic number 'cause he's running unopposed;
Knew the outcome well before the polls had ever closed.

Heck! Mitt wasn't even there. He hung with Donald Trump,
Who - despite his wealth and fame - I find a total chump.
Donald still insists the President's not qualified;
Says he's not a citizen - believes Hawaii lied.

Claims Obama's Kenyan; chose to disregard the proof.
Kinda wish that Mitt had chose to hold himself aloof.
One is known to others by the company one keeps,
But the folks that Romney's courting lately seem like creeps.

Sure, I know he's polling neck and neck but - hold the fort -
He's already guaranteed the loony, fringe support.
I think playing to them, still, is such a big mistake.
May be time for Mitt to give that Etch-a-Sketch a shake.

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