Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The One Hundred and Twelfth - Drama Queens

Don't think that the Tea Party has looked across the pond,
Noticed how the policies - of which they're all so fond -
Have been working over there for, if they had, they'd learn;
Voters do not like it when austerity's too stern.

Even Catholic Bishops, who are not Obama's fans,
(Suing him in court to not pay for birth control plans)
Said the current right-wing stance would devastate the poor
If it stood a chance of ever passing on the Floor.

Maybe the Republicans are posturing right now;
Only acting crazy?  If so, they should take a bow;
Wrap up these performances and get back to real life
Where we need solutions - not another round of strife.

Can't refuse to compromise; that's not how Congress works.
Have a more important role, along with all the perqs,
Work behind the scenery; don't wait until the Fall...
Reach across the aisle or else it's curtains for us all.

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