Monday, May 21, 2012

You Get What You Pay For?

As of 10:00 on Monday morning, Facebook is down about $4.00 from its initial price...  Just sayin'.

 I just do not understand the Facebook I.P.O.
Can't see how investors think the profits there will grow
Big enough (100 times what Facebook made last year)
To make their purchase worth it... We plan on steering clear.

"Put it into real estate", my father always said.
Glad we didn't listen to him now, 'cause we'd be dead.
Summer place I wanted then? About a quarter mil...
Watched the prices tumbling the last 6 years, until;

We could buy that same place now for half what it was then.
But, with college for 2 boys...  Excuse me - 2 young men -
And a kitchen, screened in porch, and deck we want to build
I think our financial dance card is already filled.

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