Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Across the Pond - Birthplace of Democracy (Yikes!)

A member of the extreme-right 'Golden Dawn' party (Reuters / Yannis Behrakis)
A supporter of Golden Dawn, the Greek Neo-Nazi party; just one of the losers who were winners in recent elections...  In the end, everyone lost.  (Photo credit: Reuters)
Greeks, who'd like to have their cake and also get a taste,
Failed to reach a compromise; election was a waste.
Have to do it all again; their coalitions failed.
Want restructured bail-out terms... That ship's already sailed.

When a Neo-Nazi party looks for common ground
With some far left radicals, the only thing - I've found -
Both sides can agree upon is that the other guys
Are a bunch of lunatics and, thus, it's no surprise

That (with their economy contracting by the day,
Citizens of Greece are angry... But, I find it sad;
Birthplace of democracy - elections went so bad.


Maybe I should take a lesson. We are in a mess;
And I'm also guilty of some bias, I confess.
Wonder if the FOX and Friends and I could get along
If I just ignored the fact they're almost always wrong?

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