Friday, May 04, 2012

Across the Pond - Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng says he wants to leave China.  (Photo credit:

Have you heard what's happening in China? What the heck?
Talk about confusing...  For, when Clinton made the trek
Over there for meetings, found herself the center of
Major controversy after push came down to shove.

Chen Guangcheng's an activist for Chinese women's rights
Who escaped imprisonment and fled.  He set his sights
On the U.S. Embassy; of course, we took him in.
That is where the problems Mrs. Clinton has begin.

Politburo wasn't thrilled the U.S. got involved
But, when Chen said he'd go home, we thought the problem solved
Brought him to the hospital - united with his wife...
Felt we had agreements he could get on with his life.

There it gets confusing 'cause, in less than half a day,
Chen Guangcheng began to claim we'd made him go away.
Said the Chinese had reneged and now he wants to fly
Out on Mrs. Clinton's plane.  What is it with this guy?

First he's blowing kisses; then he says we let him down.
Now he wants asylum; 'Can we get him out of town?'
Can't say that I blame him though for, just because he's blind,
Doesn't mean he isn't smart enough to change his mind.

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