Friday, March 23, 2012

Race for the White House - The Etch a Sketch Gaffe

excerpted from an
Article first published as Recent Gaffe Shakes Up Romney Campaign on Technorati.

Poor old Mitt.  He cannot win; not even when he does.
After Illinois, a senior campaign staffer was
Giving out an interview and made a major gaffe;
Feeding other candidates the straight line for a laugh.

He was asked if Romney had been running too far right,
Losing Independents for the coming campaign fight.
His response was that the race is like an Etch a Sketch.
I bet Eric Fehrnstrom's feeling like a total wretch.

Gingrich and Santorum jumped on that like white on rice
Said that, in the future, Romney plans to sacrifice
All the right wing values voters; flipping back to flop...
Beating him so badly with this he should call a cop.

Gleefully, they're waving Etch a Sketches at the crowd
Castigating Romney's guy for saying right out loud
What is just a simple truth; this moral values stuff
Makes the road to victory ahead look pretty rough.

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