Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The New England Patriots - In Bill We Trust... But

Ouch!  God, this hurts.

Here, around New England, in Bill Belichick we trust;
Confident the Hall of Fame will, one day, house his bust.
Belichick has earned our trust because he - mostly - wins,
Not through personality or warm and sunny grins.

Not through charming interviews he's given to the press.
Belichick is not a guy with whom you want to mess.
Let's go ask Wes Welker what his sense of humor's like...
Oh, that's right.  We can't... since Bill told Wes to take a hike.

We lost Wes to Denver 'cause he took a little poke
And, although I trust in Bill, he cannot take a joke.
Brady threw to Welker more than any other guy.
I bet Peyton Manning's on a Rocky Mountain high.

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