Friday, August 23, 2013

The New England Patriots - Ouch!

Final score: Lions 40 - Patriots 9. (Photo/

New England got slaughtered by the Lions in Detroit.
Patriots' performance, as a team, was not adroit;
Fumble, interception, two more fumbles, and some drops.
We got beat so badly someone should have called the cops.

Danny Amendola didn't dress because he's hurt...
What a shock!  (says someone who's still wearing Welker's shirt.)
Thank gods it's pre-season so the drubbing doesn't count.
Only demonstrates we've got some problems to surmount. 

Airplane home is not a trip that I'd wish to be on.
Belichick will want them all at practice - crack of dawn.
Rookies may be promising but, if you want my guess,
Brady would be happier if we'd held on to Wes.

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