Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Coach Belichick... Unsolicited Advice Regarding Your Tim Tebow Dilemma

Should he stay or should he go now? (Photo/

Hey, I like Tim Tebow...  I've been told he's very nice.
Watched him in the game last night; he threw for touchdowns twice.
But, that doesn't mean that he deserves a roster spot.
Some teams need 3 quarterbacks.  The Patriots do not.

Yes, I know that isn't very Christian of me but
Tebow holds the ball too long.  He shouldn't make the cut...
Not unless you put a person's character in play.
I bet you that Myra Kraft would want Tebow to stay.

Culture of the Patriots has changed, said Rolling Stone.
Not the kind of team that Bob and Myra used to own.
Back when they would cut a guy because he beat his wife.
Nowadays we hire guys who live the "gangsta" life.

Maybe, then, a dose of Tim is what New England needs;
Someone who sets good examples by his words and deeds.
Maybe Tim deserves a spot 'cause maybe he'll mature.
Part of me says cut him; the majority's unsure.

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