Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Trump

Ted Cruz gets a rousing introduction from another Tea Party darling...  I wonder if Mrs. Palin can see Canada from her house, too. (Photo/

Hoisted on their own petard by Senator Ted Cruz
Who has got some options on which passport he can use.
Where is all the outrage from the Birther movement now?
Why is it that Tea Party supporters wonder how

They can get around what is the inconvenient fact;
All their moral outrage about Kenyans was an act?
President Obama is a U.S. citizen
And yet, Trump was cautious about Cruz's problem when

He was asked if he'd support Ted Cruz for President.
Said he'd have to wait and see exactly how things went.
Cruz has been the darling of the Right Wing loony fringe.
Learning he's Canadian has got to make them cringe.

Born across the border to his mom and Cuban dad,
Cruz cannot be President.  Don't like it?  That's too bad.
U.S. Constitution says he's not allowed to run.
When it comes to passports, Presidents get only one.

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