Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Packing Blues

Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH

Summer's almost over and the nights are growing cool.
In a week my eldest son will leave to go to school.
Hasn't finished packing yet; he hasn't even started.
Even though his other friends have almost all departed,

There are always more farewells that he has got to make.
Doesn't seem concerned (at all) about what he should take.
Plans to bring his T.V. set, his X-Box and guitar.
Sunday night he'll probably just cram things in the car.

Needs to find the other things he'll take to Plymouth State.
Wish that he'd get organized; the hour groweth late...
Guess I shouldn't worry; he's just 90 miles away.
I can always make it there - and back - in half a day.

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