Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boston Red Sox - The Best Worst Team

Red Sox are 2.5 games ahead in the A.L. East. (Photo/

Give the team a year or two, the Red Sox owners pled.
Boston is rebuilding, all the sports announcers said.
Do not be surprised if they should finish tied for last.
No one thought John Farrell could turn things around so fast.

Now it's almost Labor Day and, in the A.L. East,
Boston's Red Sox hold the lead...  They're up 2 games (at least.)
Last night, Dirty Water filled the seats at Fenway Park.
Expectations for the team already passed the mark.

Thank Shane Victorino, thank Pedroia and Ortiz,
Not forgetting Napoli and Lackey, if you please.
And, let's thank the sports gods...  Cover all our bases, 'cause
As of now, the Red Sox are the best worst team there was.

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