Monday, March 19, 2012

The New England Patriots - An Object Lesson on Why One Should Never, Ever, Ever Anger the Sports Gods


Back, before New England and the Giants met to play,
Wrote this rhyme - and so - of course - the sports gods made me pay.
Handed us a painful loss; I knew I shouldn't gloat...
('though I'd still pick Brady, were you asking for my vote.)

Heard a joke the other day I thought that I would share.
Picture God upon His Throne - 3 quarterbacks stand there.
God asks Aaron Rodgers, "Tell Me, what do you believe?"
Rodgers says that one must try, if blessings they'd receive.

He believes in working hard and studying the plays.
God says, "Very good My son and now, for all your days,
"You may sit at My left hand. Come Aaron, take a seat."
Then God turns to Tebow, who is huddled at His feet;

"Tell Me Tim, what you believe." And Tim says "Oh, my God!
"I believe in You my Lord." And God gives Tim a nod.
"You have pleased Me very much My son; you're on My right.
"Have a seat here Tim, where you can worship Me all night."

God then turns to Brady and He says "Now, tell Me son,
"What is it that you believe who hath so often won?"
Tom looks up, beholds the Throne, and gives our Lord a stare;
Says, "What I believe dear God is You are in my chair."

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