Monday, August 26, 2013

Syria - Can It Get Any Worse?

Syrian parents are living in a nightmare. (Photo/The Guardian)

Watching as civilians thrashed then died - my stomach turned.
But, I don't know what to do where Syria's concerned.
Some have called this apathy...  In fact, it's the reverse;
I am too afraid that we will only make things worse.

How much worse, you wonder, could this situation get?
First of all, the Russians have continued saying "Nyet!"
They will use their UN veto; blocking any vote
Even if there's evidence of gas, and that's a quote.

Syria is friendly with Iranians, as well...
Now that hopes and dreams for Arab Spring are shot to hell
Judging by the chaos in Afghanistan, Iraq,
Pakistan - with Yemen fearing imminent attack

Why are we assuming if we start another fight
We have any guarantees, this time, we'll get it right?
Yes, we must do something! Let's help fleeing refugees.
Look before we leap into another quagmire, please.

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