Thursday, August 15, 2013

Egypt - Call Me Cassandra

The Egyptian military has imposed a month long State of Emergency following yesterday's massacre of pro-Morsi demonstrators. (Photo/

6 weeks after Egypt's coup, cops fired on the crowd
Saying Muslim Brotherhood protesters weren't allowed
To continue demonstrating out in Cairo's streets.

Islamists felt victimized and took it to the square
(It's become the custom to hold demonstrations there)
Said it's illegitimate to overthrow a man
Just because you disagree... Only elections can.

Seems to me they had a point and, 'though I don't agree
With the Muslim Brotherhood, elections there were free.
Thousands wounded, hundreds dead, Vice President resigned
And the former President's still very hard to find.

There will be no compromises now - Not after this.
Population's fracturing.  The cracks are hard to miss.
Now, with mounting bloodshed, Egypt's in a downward spin.
It's a situation where America can't win.

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