Friday, February 20, 2015

A Friend In Need Is A Problem

Vladimir Putin turn on meme

President Obama has been trying to decide
If, by sending lethal aid to Ukraine, we will slide
Down the slope that leads to war with Russia.  In the end,
How far should the U.S. go to help support a friend?

Putin seeks a land bridge to Crimea and he'll kill
To get what he's after...  Then he'll stop.  But not until.
Putin's made that clear beyond the shadow of a doubt;
Proving sanctions on his country don't wield any clout.

He's content to wait those out - continuing to lie -
Gambling that NATO forces aren't prepared to die
In a bid to stop him from annexing more Ukraine,
Trying to rebuild the Russia of Joe Stalin's reign.

Since they aren't a NATO member, Putin may be right.
E.U. isn't rushing to join Kiev in its fight.
U.S. lethal aid will just add to the list of dead.
Let's not get involved in places Europe fears to tread.

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