Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I'm crying "Uncle" already. and it's just early February (Charlie, Stoneham)
(Photo/Courtesy of Charlie in Stoneham via WCVB's ULocal)

Hearty, old New Englanders like me - 'though born and bred
To the winter season in the region are in dread
Of the 5 day forecast we've been hearing on the news;
It's not good for us or our exhausted snowplow crews.

Thursday into Friday - snow...  More snow Sunday night.
In this tunnel of our winter that oncoming light
Is a train wreck up ahead (if they can clear the tracks.)
No relief in sight for our poor old and aching backs.

I have got a snowbank that's, at least, 1 story high;
Ice dams on our roof have caused a leaky ceiling...  Sigh.
Even old New Englanders (who aren't inclined to whine)
Reach an upper threshold for our winters.  We've passed mine.

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