Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hold The Duck Boats

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So glad the parade's postponed or I'd be out of luck.
I can't even make it up my driveway yet; I'm stuck.
Hoped to use commuter rail for getting into town
But the snow has caused delays and shut the Red Line down.

Even if I made it up my drive before it's dark,
I can't take my car to Boston.  There's no place to park.
Hopefully tomorrow morning's trains are not delayed
And I'll make it into town in time for the parade.

If I cannot make it though, I want the Pats to know
Don't be fooled tomorrow if the turnout's slightly low.
It won't be because New England fans don't love our team;
Likes of which all other NFL fans only dream.

Thank you Malcolm Butler; thanks Tom Brady...  Mr. Kraft.
Thank you Coach Bill Belichick - a master of his craft.
Please believe there's millions who would like to offer thanks
You just might not see us all behind these huge snowbanks.

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