Thursday, February 05, 2015

Putin's Fairytales

15 Sep 2010 | 10 Comments | 

Secretary Kerry's on a visit to Ukraine
Where he'll be a welcome guest when he gets off his plane,
Since Kiev is hoping that he'll promise lethal aid;
Weapons meant to counter recent gains that rebels made.

Eastern Ukraine's rebel forces, armed with Russian guns,
Plus an unknown number of poor Mother Russia's sons,
Started bombing towns - anticipating an attack -
Pushing forward in the knowledge Putin has their back.

Now that he controls what Russian media dares say,
Putin won't let little things like truth get in the way.
He's convinced his population that it's worth the pain
Sanctions are inflicting 'cause they're "rescuing" Ukraine.

Putin says that Russian aid is sent to help the poor;
That the big, bad West is slavering at Russia's door.
This time though, when Kerry's in the Russian news tonight
Putin's story that we're intervening might be right.

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