Monday, February 23, 2015

FOX Trolls and Foreign Policy


FOX News brand conservatives have all been up in arms;
Angry at Obama - claiming his discretion harms
Our war on extremists who use violence as their tools.
They insist he use the word "Islamic" but they're fools.

Make this a religious fight and world consensus fades.
Countries in the region, who remember the Crusades,
Want to join a war on terror - not one on Islam.
Why would he offend our strongest ally - the imam?

Most imams say terrorists are  un-Islamic thugs
Murdering in Allah's name... Not worthy of the rugs
Where they kneel for daily prayers or else they would have heard
With their gruesome actions they're perverting Allah's word.

We're all hunting brutal killers, call them what you will.
President Obama's showing diplomatic skill
Using nuanced language to achieve a common goal.
I guess that's too subtle for your average FOX News troll.

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