Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thank You Barry

Northeast storm | Northeast via Snow Storm Nemo by ~bravofox16 on ...

Made it through the blizzard safely - never lost our heat -
But we got so much snow that they've measured it in feet.
We got over 30 inches...  That's a lot of snow.
We'd begun to shovel it but our progress was slow.

Suddenly, a mighty roar was heard above the wind
And our neighbor (on whose grass our dog has often sinned)
Carved a path across our yard - snow blower set on high -
Coming to our rescue because he's that kinda guy.

Hours worth of digging out...  In minutes, he was done.
His machine's amazing.  I have got to get me one.
Even more amazing is our neighbor, Barry Moore.
Thanks to him we're shoveled out and our old backs aren't sore.

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