Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Daily Show with Brian Williams?

brian williams jon stewart

 Must see TV at our home includes The Daily Show
So, the night Jon Stewart said it's time for him to go,
Was a time of deep depression.  First we lost Colbert;
Now where will we find fake news? Unbalanced, yes...  But fair.

Last Week with John Oliver is great, but not enough.
Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show is still a little rough.
Who can take Jon Stewart's place?  I've given it some thought.
I think Brian Williams ought to give the job a shot.

Not to be insulting him by jumping on the pile
But, since Brian Williams won't be busy for a while,
As a guest he's proved that he's a smart and funny guy
I think he should give Jon Stewart's anchor-chair a try.

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