Thursday, February 26, 2015

Defunding DHS?

File:Flag of the United States Department of Homeland Security.png

As the Friday deadline looms to de-fund DHS,
Is the Congress hard at work on compromising? Guess.
If you thought; 'Of course they are... They don't dare drop this ball,'
Sorry to inform you - that was not the proper call.

GOP Conservatives say funding's gonna halt
If they do not get their way, and it's Obama's fault.
All because the President set new priorities
For illegals we deport from our communities.

Focusing on criminals - not kids and moms and dads.
Won't spend shrinking budgets to deport new high-school grads.
That's enraged Republicans enough they say they will
Take a stand on it ('though not an Immigration bill.)

So much for their party's claim of strongest on Defense...
Put us all at risk to build a longer, border fence?
We face bigger threats to our Homeland's Security.
How dare they not pay the folks protecting you and me?

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