Monday, February 16, 2015

Florida's Looking Better Every Day

President's Day 2015 Snow, Winchester, MA
(Photo courtesy of Scott Erlich of Winchester, MA/via WCVB ULocal)

I cried "Uncle!" days ago...  We got another storm.
Icicles the size of glaciers have begun to form
On the eaves of houses hidden by the mounds of snow;
So much that we're running out of space for it to go.

Only see my neighbors if they're shoveling their roof
(Not because we're trying to be distant and aloof)
Snowbanks have become so high that people disappear.
You would not believe how much snowfall we've gotten here.

Minus 20 with the wind chill, now; it's bitter cold.
More snow for tomorrow - not a lot, we're being told.
Weekend storm's another matter.  That one could be big.
Never mind our throughway; this is Boston's biggest dig.

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