Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Patriots Are 2-2 and I Don't Feel So Good

 Tom doesn't look too good, either. (Photo/The Boston Globe)

We New England fans have gotten up and out of bed
In the grip of unfamiliar feelings - mainly dread -
That and deep depression, disbelief, and gnawing doubt
Because Kansas City beat New England in a rout.

There was nothing good about the Patriots last night
And the fans, who've grown up unaccustomed to the sight,
Couldn't understand what they were seeing on the field.
Now our heads are pounding and our stomachs have congealed.

This could be a long and painful season for the team
And for Mr. S. - who has to listen to me scream;
Mad because they're not protecting Brady - who looked old.
Throat is sore.  I'm feverish...  Perhaps it's just a cold?


  1. dear nrs S, Iknow how you feel. To watch our team flounder. just seems so unreal.We must admit, the Chiefs were on fire. to embarrass the Pats was their great desire. and so we move on and learn from that melee, couch Bill, Im sure will have them ready to play Sunday.

    1. I'm glad that you have faith in Bill
      And think that the Patriots will
      Pull out of this spin
      And easily win;
      Displaying their now hidden skill.