Monday, September 08, 2014

New England Patriots, 0-1?

All through Spring and Summer I've been waiting for the day
Football season started... I could watch New England play.
Yesterday it happened; 'twas their first game of the year.
By the end, the reasons I'd missed football weren't clear.

'though at first it seemed that we had dominating stats -
23 unanswered points...?  The Dolphins beat my Pats.
Our Offensive line had gaping holes they couldn't shut;
Brady spent the second half of football on his butt.

Defense did no better for they couldn't stop the run.
Patriots looked awful 'neath that hot Miami sun.
(Hopefully, it's not a sign we've made the sports gods mad.)
Belichick's got work to do, 'cause yesterday was bad.


  1. Dear Mrssmeej, I have to say, I too have waited for our gguys to play. So out came my shirt,( Wilfork s my guy), got comfy, feet up and snacks were nearby. Relaxed and enjoyed thru most of the first half then started to squirm and swear at the staff. Did my real team just quit at the start of the third, or did Bill not make clear that WIN is the word?

    1. Loved your rhyme (if not the game.)
      Next time you should sign your name.