Friday, September 19, 2014

The Scottish Independence Vote

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Doesn't matter if you took the high road or the low;
Scots, in a secession referendum, voted No.
Meaning that they chose to stick with England and with Wales
And the Northern Irish...  From the Highlands to the dales

85% of those who registered took part.
Independence voters wound up trailing from the start.
Polls showed things much tighter in the race, but I would guess
Scotsmen didn't advertise if they were voting Yes.

Either that or England's last ditch effort at the Scots
(Letting Edinburgh  be the one to call the shots
On some local issues) may have paid off dividends.
As for this American; I'm glad the two stayed friends.

Glad the kingdom's still united; that it didn't split.
World is busy fracturing and I've grown sick of it.
Scotland's voters proved beyond the shadow of a doubt
People of good will can find a way to work things out.

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