Thursday, September 11, 2014

Supporting The President's Strategy

President Obama, with his Nobel Prize for Peace,
And determined that we not become the world's police
Did his best to extricate us from the Middle East...
Give the poor man credit for attempting it, at least.

'though we tried to walk away from it - they've dragged us back.
The Islamic State is where we'll focus our attack.
With a coalition, some who wish to not be named,
Fearful that, when things go wrong, their governments get blamed.

Countries who believe we lack the will to see this through;
Betting that Americans are sick of war...  That's true.
What they haven't counted on, however, is the fact;
We are very good at war once we decide to act.

Congress must support Obama; give him all he needs.
Our words aren't enough right now.  They must be backed with deeds.
We can't fix the Middle East...  Of that there's ample proof.
But, we can find ISIL and put missiles through their roof.

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