Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Africa - I'd Take ISIL Any Day

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Hemorrhagic fever in West Africa has spread.
Thousands are infected now; 2,000 plus are dead.
Doctors there were overwhelmed - the system broken down -
As Ebola moved from rural village into town.

This outbreak got out of hand 'cause locals didn't trust
Guys in plastic suits insisting quarantine's a must.
Scary strangers came to take their relatives away
Since, without a cure, there's nothing else to do but pray.

Doctors Without Borders were the targets of these fears.
Villagers threw stones, sometimes, at health-care volunteers,
Lied and said they weren't exposed and they were feeling great;
Hiding any symptoms of disease until too late.

President Obama, in a speech he made today,
Just announced he's sending U.S. troops into the fray,
Plus supplies to aid the victims of this dread disease...
I think I'd feel safer bringing ISIL to its knees.

Yes, of course we have to help in any way we can.
They need our assistance; I support Obama's plan.
But I know if I were still in uniform today;
Africa, I'd think, should merit hazard duty pay.

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