Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Mrs. Ray Rice

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Watch the video Mrs. Rice.  Then, get a lawyer. (Photo/NBC News)

TMZ released a tape of Baltimore's Ray Rice;
Video that shows him punching his fiancée - twice.
Fighting in an elevator; with a mighty clout
Ray hit Janay hard enough to knock the woman out.

'though the incident was almost 7 months ago,
It was only yesterday the Ravens let him go.
Said they didn't realize how bad the beating looked.
Thought that, since police released him after he was booked,

Ray's 2 game suspension would be punishment enough...
That teams aren't at fault when players treat their women rough.
I guess girls need video before somebody cares.
(FOX and Friends believe it proves that girls should use the stairs.)

I don't plan to blame the victim - who's now Mrs. Rice -
I'd just like to offer unsolicited advice.
Any man who'd hit a woman isn't worth her time.
She should get a lawyer and sue Ray for his last dime.


  1. Any man who is with a woman, especially one obviously chasing fame and money, who strikes him first, should not retaliate but instead kick her to the curb.

    1. I'm sorry. I must disagree.
      I'm starting to wonder if we
      Both saw the same thing
      Because the first swing
      Was not thrown by she but by he.

    2. Mrs Smeej, Your reader is clearly a man.His solution for Ray Rice a bad plan. More violence is not the best way to deal with conflict, I d say. Get help from professionals who know, then just decide to stay or tp go. I ll pray for Ray Rice and his wife, that they move on from their pain and their strife.

    3. The men whom I've met also say
      They've got no respect now for Ray
      A real man won't hit
      A woman for it
      Is not a true gentleman's way.