Friday, September 26, 2014

A Pink-Hat Farewell to Derek Jeter


It is not my fault (this year) the Red Sox haven't won;
Wasn't due to any rhymes or taunting that I've done.
I'm not sure exactly what did happen to my team,
Making our World Series win seem like a distant dream.

We will end our season here at home against New York
And, though I'm about to sound like some pink-hatted dork,
I believe it's fitting Derek Jeter's coming here;
That it will be Fenway where he's ending his career.

He will not play shortstop but he says he'll swing the bat
And I do not blame him for it; I can tell you that.
Knocking in the winning run - a single out to right.

Twenty years in pinstripes - where he's done the Yankees proud -
His name being chanted by a happy, hometown crowd.
If it were a movie script it would be past believing...
Coming here to Fenway will remind him why he's leaving.

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