Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"Once More Unto The Breach"

(Peanuts cartoon/Courtesy of wfly.com)

Yesterday I brought our eldest back to Plymouth State.
Youngest starts his Junior year tomorrow and I hate
That the summer (though I must admit, we had a blast)
Has this awful tendency to slip away too fast.

There's so much we meant to do but didn't get the chance;
Opportunities that never got a second glance.
Lazy days of summer gone...  We're back into the grind;
Youngest will have 20 forms that must be read, then signed.

Have to mail the oldest kid the check that he forgot.
School supplies and food for lunches still need to be bought.
Have to clean the closets of the clothes the boys outgrew.


  1. Isnt it typical and isnt it funny, the second year college kid forgot about money. I bet he is thinking oh well, what the heck, Im sure Mom wont mind driving back up with the check.

    1. Since that would take half of a tank
      I said that I'd go to the bank.
      The kid was a wreck -
      Forgetting the check.
      With just his poor planning to thank.