Monday, September 15, 2014

#WhyIStayed With the NFL

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We're big fans of football here (the kind the U.S. plays)
'though it's much more difficult to be a fan these days.
All the news about the sport is not, at all, the same;
It's about the violence inherent in the game.

With the Ray Rice video (the guy who punched his wife)
There is now a spotlight on the football way of life.
What we've found ain't pretty...  Once you've cut through all the noise,
Turns out that the NFL believed boys will be boys.

Didn't care if players got in trouble off the field;
They'd let athletes play before their girlfriends' bruises healed.
Why I stayed with football?  It's because I didn't know.
Focused on the passes that my quarterback would throw.

Once, I'd be ecstatic that my team - New England - won...
But we won, in part, because a Viking beat his son.
This October let's replace pink arm bands on the sleeve
With a vow:  Abusers play? The fans get up and leave.

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