Friday, September 05, 2014

Good Job ISIL

ISIL has accomplished what the U.S. never could;
They've united all the countries in their neighborhood.
What's the single issue on which everyone agrees?
ISIL's brutal fighters must be driven to their knees.

Nations in the region who have always been at odds -
Fighting ever since the mind of man conceived of gods -
Put aside their arguments to face a common foe;
All of them determined, now, that ISIL has to go.

Maybe these alliances between them all won't last
Once this existential threat to Islam's in the past...
But, it's also possible a corner has been turned
And extremist ideologies might yet be spurned.

Now a man who'd only say "America" to cuss,
Iran's Ayatollah's, making overtures to us.
It's an opportunity the U.S. shouldn't waste.
Good job ISIL...  Thanks alot.  We'll see you guys post-haste.

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