Monday, September 22, 2014

A Hypocritical Pats Fan

Even though it wasn't pretty yesterday, we won;
Leaving my New England Patriots at 2 and 1.
Offense isn't clicking yet 'cause Brady's getting hit...
Losing Logan Mankins' talents hasn't helped a bit.

I feel bad for Edelman who always gets the ball.
Brady doesn't seem to throw to others much, at all.
'cause he's getting open when Tom's pass is being rushed,
Just like Wes before him, Edelman is getting crushed.

Gronk will catch a pass or two and Ridley gains some yards
Yet the other team keeps getting players through our guards.
Until we can slow them, Edelman is on the hook
But, once he has caught the ball, I cannot bear to look.

Football's not as fun for me because I'm now aware
Just how bad the damage they're sustaining is out there.
Knowing that these guys I like are injuring their brain
Makes it hard to cheer about some yardage that they gain.

Does this mean that I won't watch the Patriots next week?
Call me an old hypocrite without a right to speak
But I'd never miss the Pats, despite what I now know...
Will I let my own sons play the game, however? No.

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