Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Many Thanks

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Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone; you're sweet.
When I read them yesterday it made my day complete.
All those rhymes and cards and greetings... Really, I was thrilled.
Thought I oughta let you know - your wishes were fulfilled. 

I hope, when your birthday comes, that it's as good as mine.
You all must have special powers.  Weather was divine.
Mr. S. played golf with me and hired maids to clean
Because I might be the biggest slob you've ever seen.

(Didn't use your wishes on the course - or, not enough -
Since I spent most of the game in hitting from the rough.)
My clan came for dinner - and I didn't have to cook.
I got cards that made me laugh until my belly shook.

Oldest son remembered and he called me up to sing;
Youngest found the perfect card and I got everything
That you all could wish for me...  You guys ain't shooting blanks;
Wishes can be powerful.  Again all; many thanks

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