Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Commissioner Goodell and CTE


My sons played Pop Warner football back when they were young.
I remember, once or twice, them getting their bells rung.
Not quite a concussion (because neither one's that fast.)
Thankfully, their football playing days are in the past.

Coaches for our high school's team will stop my youngest son
(16 at 250; he is over 6 feet 1)
"Kid, we need you on the team," the football coaches say.
I can't, in good conscience - now, allow the boy to play.

Not with all the evidence that those who play the game
May sustain brain damage and that tackling's to blame.
Maybe that's the explanation for the recent news;
Players hitting people hard enough to leave a bruise.

What is not as clear is why Commissioner Goodell
Has been guilty of some recent stupid moves, as well...
Moves that make you wonder what is going through his mind.
If he thinks the NFL can weather this, he's blind

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