Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Massachusetts' Primaries

Yesterday I went to vote; there wasn't any line.
Only 3 were casting votes while I was casting mine.
(Turnout for a primary election's never great
Even though it helps decide who's gonna run the state.)

To the shock of no-one, after all was said and done,
Most of the front-running candidates for office won.
There is one incumbent shocked; a Congressman who's out.
Relatives' shenanigans brought Tierney's fall about.

Candidates for Governor were narrowed down to 5;
'though it's only 2 campaigns with any chance to thrive. 
Democrats chose Martha Coakley while the GOP
Cast their votes for Charlie Baker overwhelmingly.

I'm a likely Coakley voter with an open mind.
Need to do more research and assess the facts I find,
Watch debates and listen to what candidates will say...
There is still a lot of time before election day.

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