Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear Republican Women... Really?

How is it Republicans aren't overwhelmed with shame;
Treating people as if they're a pawn; their lives a game?
Standing up for corporations, 1 percenters, banks,
Old, white men (I'm shocked when I see women in their ranks.)

Things that women care about, Republicans oppose;
Health-care clinics, food assistance - first things that they close.
Fighting to block overtime reforms, a living wage,
Everything the President proposes at this stage.

Since they're the majority in Congress and they might
Even win the Senate, come the next election night,
While the rich get richer and the poor folk fall behind,
President Obama could be in a nasty bind.

If the Democrats should lose a few more Senate seats
(Which they could, according to the word out on the streets)
Our divided government divides a whole lot more
If we let Republicans control the Senate Floor.


  1. why isnt this author published in a daily newspaper?she is always right on target.