Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Putin's Jedi Mind Tricks

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Putin met with reporters to answer questions about Russian involvement in Ukraine.

Putin answered questions he'd collected on a list
And, though this is not a quote, what follows is the gist:
Troops in Russian uniforms, insignias torn off?
"Those are not the droids you're looking for."  We Russians scoff.

Clearly the Americans and NATO are at fault;
Caused these wounds between our countries, now they're adding salt.
Those are not our soldiers planting mine-fields in Ukraine.
'though we should invade, we didn't... That would be insane.

Tanks throughout Crimea and in cities farther East?
Russian speakers asked for help, and so we felt the least
That a caring, parent country is obliged to do
Is protect those people from the Fascists.  Wouldn't you?

Do not fall for Jedi mind tricks; Putin's not a knight.
True, he acts mediaeval and he's daring us to fight,
But he is delusional.  I think he finds this fun,
And there's nothing chivalrous in anything he's done.

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