Tuesday, March 04, 2014

President Obama - Is Too Good Not Good Enough?

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I support the President; I voted for him - twice.
He is very smart and not in need of my advice.
But I've started worrying, with all that's in the news,
If I'm being too dismissive of the Right Wing's views.

Not about Obama Care, despite the current mess.
'though it needs some tinkering, it will be a success.
Not on the economy, which didn't crash and burn
(Even though the job growth rate is slower to return.)

Seems to me, domestically, he's doing all he can
Given that Republicans will not work with the man.
It's the other problem - with his image overseas.
Countries aren't afraid of him and, thus, do as they please.

Not as if he'll go to war 'cause, once a war begins,
People start to die and, in the end, nobody wins.
Unmanned drones cut down on that so using them is smart
Even if our foes believe they prove we lack the heart.

Putin's seized Crimea and the Syrians are slow
Handing in their chemicals to us because they know:
 President Obama is too rational to fight,
Drones don't pose the kind of threat that keeps them up at night.

When you win the Nobel Prize for Peace you're kinda stuck.
If no one's afraid of you they tend to push their luck.
Do they have a point?  Can someone be too good to lead?

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