Thursday, March 06, 2014

Springing Forward

A Public Service Announcement

Saturday we change the clocks to try and fool our brain;
Seems like there's more sunlight with the hour that we gain.
Proof that seasons come and go and Spring is on its way
'though we've half convinced ourselves that Winter's here to stay.

Even those who love the snow are sick of it by now...
It's too cold for skiing and the folks who drive a plow
Lost their minds 3 storms ago because they're human, too.
They, like all the rest of us, want Winter to be through.

When we hear the news Niagara Falls is, mostly, frozen
Winter weary northerners regret the states we've chosen.
As the year rolls into March, with all of us still freezing,
We begin to think a southern clime would be more pleasing.

You don't get this in Florida. (Photo/

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