Thursday, March 20, 2014

Malaysian Airlines MH370 - An Update

Possible wreckage.

13 days since it took off and started for Beijing
Searchers for the missing aircraft may have found something.
Satellite reconnaissance shows pieces of debris
Floating near Australia and not the China Sea.

"How can we just lose a plane this day and age?" asked I.
Learned it's not impossible, but someone has to try.
Had to know the circuit breakers that they'd have to pull.
Had to plan how they'd subdue a plane that's almost full.

Seemed to know the traffic patterns other aircraft flew.
Tried to hide from radar but it's better than they knew.
Even though they climbed, then dove below 5,000 ft.,
They were not completely hidden from the U.S. fleet.

Satellites show something near where our N.T.S.B.
Said they thought the wreckage of the aircraft had to be.
Even if this is the plane we still may never know
Why someone would choose to strike this devastating blow.

What did all those passengers and loved ones ever do?
Who was flying?  Was it really someone from the crew?
Did they have to do it?  Was a gun held to their head?
Sadly, there's no question - 2 weeks later - they're all dead.

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