Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dr. Seussilitis Gets A Make-Over

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My old background photo did not make for an ideal reading experience.  (Photo/Courtesy of NASA)
Frequent readers of this blog might notice something strange.
My old format had a glitch...  I had to make a change.
Several people told me that they couldn't read the words.
Since it's hard enough to find news-junky rhyming nerds,

Once I learned the problem, with no clue on how to fix it,
Realized the easiest solution was to nix it.
Had to change the background from a field of starry blue.
Chose to keep it simple and forego my lovely view.

Other than the look of things, there's not a lot that's changed.
I still like to rhyme the news so, clearly, I'm deranged.
But I'm also grateful to those readers who took time
Making me aware they couldn't see the things I rhyme.

'though this rhyming bug means I would write them anyway,
Knowing people take the time to read them makes my day.
Hope I've solved the problem and you'll have another go.
If there's still an issue with the blog, please let me know.

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