Monday, March 03, 2014

Kiss Crimea Good-bye

Situation in Ukraine is getting out of hand;
Ethnic Russians in the East have started to demand
That Kiev should look to Russia over the E.U.
Putin sent in Russian troops to help enforce that view.

All of Russia's Black Sea fleet is anchored in Ukraine;
Port was part of Russia, once, and so it might remain.
Residents are demonstrating; flying Russian flags.
Tearing down and ripping the Ukrainian's to rags.

Putin says his troops have only come to keep the peace.
So, he keeps on sending more as tensions there increase.
I don't think that I'd feel safe with soldiers in the street,
Knowing Russia's never gonna move its Black Sea fleet.

Not a lot Ukraine can do if Putin wants a fight.
He's a strong believer in the adage; "Might makes right."
Ask the folks in Georgia how much safer they feel now
8 years after Putin's troops invaded...  Yet, somehow,

All those Russian troops in Georgia didn't end the threat...
Surely that's the reason why they've not withdrawn them yet.
So, I wouldn't be surprised if Putin finds that he
Thinks Crimea faces threats in perpetuity.

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