Friday, September 27, 2013

Congress Takes Hostages

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Tea Party took hostages; the hostages are us...
Promise that they'll let us go if no one makes a fuss.
Simply give them what they want and nobody gets hurt.
If we don't they'll drag our reputation through the dirt.

They would shut the country down to block Obama Care.
If they are successful all Republicans will share
In the blame that follows when our credit rating tanks
Over threats that we won't pay our bills in future...  Thanks.

Why won't the Republicans tell them to take a hike?
This is not the way we want to see the country run.
We just held elections and Obama, clearly, won.

Congress isn't working.  It's become a running joke.
Not sure how it happened but I'm pretty sure it's broke.
They're not helping those of us who need the help the most
And, if they don't fix it, our economy is toast.

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