Friday, November 30, 2012

Dr. Seussilitis - An Epidemic.

Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign in Verse
A must read.

Last night on The Daily Show, in Stewart's interview,
Calvin Trillin was the guest - I'd never had a clue.
'though I lack the skill he has, I'm very much relieved;
Now I know I'm not alone, as I had once believed.

I'd feared it was only me with Dr. Seussilitis
(Symptoms bear resemblance to a sort of brain colitis.
Mind will cramp and suddenly you're spewing out a rhyme.)
Recently discovered that it happens all the time.

Other people caught this bug and have it even worse.
Dogfight...2012... is filled with funny, clever verse.
Limericks by experts like Mad Kane and Dr. Goose -
They are like a Hershey's Kiss and Trillin's chocolate mousse.

I just used my Kindle.  Pressed a button; bought the book.
Now I have to go and have myself another look.
Good news is that - even though I know I read too fast -
Trillin's written lots of books.  May this not be his last.


  1. Delightful poem. And I love Trillin!

    I've been having trouble commenting on your blog and several other blogs. But it looks like I can post a comment on your blog, as long as I don't use Chrome.

    1. Dear Madeleine,

      I'm just delighted to discover that you're still reading the blog. A comment from you is a lovely bonus. :-D