Friday, September 20, 2013

Putin's Biker Gang

President Vladimir Putin and one of his new friends; "The Surgeon." (Photo/YLE.FI)

Thundering down Russian roads with Slavic sturm und drang,
Riding Harley Davidsons, comes Putin's biker gang.
Night Wolves' reputation has been generating fear,
Like our own Hells Angels on their motorcycles here.

Even though they've been accused of organizing crime
Putin likes to ride with them when he has got the time.
Unlike Mr. Putin, who is not a fan of shirts,
They all wear black leathers 'cause a road rash really hurts

I know he's a macho guy who doesn't like "the gays,"
But his choice of comrades has continued to amaze
Critics who insist that's not what leadership is like;
Pointing out that Mr. Putin's riding on a trike.


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