Monday, September 30, 2013

I Hate To Clean

Messy Closet photo: Hoosier Closet messy-closet_zps75c4c20a.jpg

Have to clean my room today because it's such a mess.
What is on my closet floor is anybody's guess.
There are clothes for summertime and also clothes for Fall;
There are just so many clothes there's no room for them all.

Have to hang the sweaters up and pack away the shorts.
Should have worked this weekend but I spent it watching sports;
Patriots are 4 and oh; the Sox are Play-offs bound...
Now it's time to clean until my closet floor gets found.


  1. i can relate mrs smeej

    1. I still haven't cleaned up the room
      Oppressed by a feeling of doom
      It's sitting there waiting
      A chore I've been hating
      Since my mother lowered the boom. ;D